Project Beyond Borders

  • Kai Yuan Tey
  • Teresa Liew
  • Ellis Yee


Global health has been defined as “health issues that transcend national boundaries and governments and call for actions on the global forces that determine the health of people’. [1] The call for global health has become the focus of attention over the last decade with an increasing number of medical students undertaking humanitarian aid projects and electives in rural and remote communities in a to gain effort to gain a better understanding of healthcare in low-resource settings. Armed with a greater understanding of the barriers to health access and the challenges associated with health provision in developing countries, future doctors may champion the cry for global health equity and apply their knowledge to improve global health outcomes. Exposure to healthcare in different settings allows medical students to broaden their experiences in various cultures and traditions. These experiences may allow them to provide appropriate care to patients
from different backgrounds in a culturally sensitive manner and enable them to be better advocates for health.

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